Saturday, June 3, 2017

Chun Chui He in Malaysia?


Chun Chui He just officially debut in Malaysia through 7-11 a week ago. Last year they enter Singapore through 7-11 as well, and as it is in Singapore 7-11 in Malaysia sold out of the Chun Chui He in the first day of launching. Just three flavor available in 7-11 Malaysia at the moment namely Latte Milk Tea, Milk Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea with promotion price of RM 8.95 (normal price RM 9.50) is until 31 August 2017.

What the hype all about? This milk tea famous in Taiwan and usually tourist buy back as souvenir. Happened to have the opportunity to try this famous drink and the taste? The original milk tea tasted not too sweet, has a hint of green tea powder and pleasant to drink, but the only odd thing it also smell like plastic bottle - is it due to the plastic bottle packing or is it the smell is originally like that? At least it tasted good.

Check out the ingredients

On August 2016, the Singapore authority AVA issued a statement recalling Chun Chui He milk tea for using a non-permitted food additive – L-theanine, it returned to store shelves in Singapore on December 2016 with approved food additive.

The Rose Honey Milk Tea just launched on 20 May 2017, a date that rhymes with “I love you” in Mandarin.

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